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IT: Hardware - Kobian Pte Ltd

Sajid Shaikh IT: Hardware

As VP of business development at Kobian Pte Ltd Sajid has implemented stratagems for growth and created products utilizing his specialization in product management and discernment of the company's particular clientele base. Presently, Kobian is adding a new Product Line with Solar Based Inverters for developing countries at cost effective solutions.

Sajid's determination and hard work have led him to many achievements including the establishing of the Mercury brand at par with major IT brands in developing markets in 1996. He began in the industry with Kobian in 1994, immediately after finishing his degree and gradually climbed the success ladder.

He credits his success to the strong support of his wife and moving forward hopes to launch an Online Portal to sell products on a global scale. With 17 years of experience under his hold Sajid draws from a productivity focused mindset while holding true to a methodical approach in tackling market challenges and directing a majority of his efforts on grasping at new opportunities for growth and expansion. 


The proud owner and distributor of the Mercury brand of computer peripherals, Power Products and lifestyle product range. Mercury aims to tailor its products around the needs of their customers by keeping abreast of the latest trends in technology and design. Ensuring that technology remains accessible by offering simple and affordable solutions for all.

Creating new business for the company

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